Importance & Benefits of Gamification in Education


Education is the most important aspect of life. So, it is important to properly nurture your children’s education. It not only helps in making a successful career but also fulfills his/her life.

Environment, Industry, and Methodology of Learning are changing rapidly. Hence, it is crucial for educational institutes to adapt to changes.

Parents want to educate their children with interactive & practical knowledge. This helps him build skills and nurture minds.

The research by Domínguez shows that students who have learnt through gamification got better grades in practical exams than those who have studied by conventional methods.

Gamification of gamified learning is helpful in doing so. Let’s first understand what gamified learning actually is.

It enhances children’s social connectivity, academic achievement, and systematic learning.

what is gamified learning?

In the early 1970s, gamification was criticized by some teachers and ideologists. But renowned author Daniel H Pink made it popular and gave it a positive approach.

Gamified Learning literally means learning with the help of games or game elements that motivate students to learn more proactively. It includes the utilization of scoreboards, points, levels, badges, etc.

It is designed to maximize students’ attention with the goal of holistic improvement.

Here is a quote from gamified learning expert and influencer Yu-Kai Chou:
“There must be a game where the more I play, the stronger and better I get in real life.”

Children’s growth depends upon their adaptability and willingness to improve. Gamification is designed to work on it. Let’s take a dive into its benefits.

how it could be beneficial for students?


  • Fun and smartness go hand-in-hand while learning with games or apps. It naturally improves students’ behavior, skillset, and capabilities.
  • Learning with games makes them fall in love with learning.
  • Gamification can be customized according to one’s institute/organization. So, it is easy for classrooms or communities to share and learn new things collectively.
  • In turn, this improves students’ teamwork abilities and leadership qualities.
  • Rewards, points, and badges motivate them to perform more efficiently and inspire other students as well.
  • Students are quite familiar with video games. It made it easy to adapt to the gaming environment and improve the learning process.

How to Implement Game-Based Learning for Your Institute?

Before implementing gamification, you first need to outline your course/curriculum structure. You need to hire a professional game agency to implement a gamified learning experience for your institute. Give them a brief about how you perceive education in real-time. You need to make a list of achievements, assignments, activities, resource management, rewards, team building tasks and perks. If you are looking for in-depth knowledge about it, read this blog from the University of Florida.


From the research, analysis, and our experience, I hope you get clarity about how gamification impacts learning ability.

Hope you have read it thoroughly. I have made my best possible efforts to give you a brief understanding of gamification and its importance for the upcoming decade.

If you have anything to add or have your own thoughts, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section.

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