Provide a convenient and accessible platform for players to enjoy the classic card game from anywhere, fostering social interactions and skill development. Customization, analytics, and revenue generation through in-game purchases or advertising, making it a lucrative venture for developers.
Technology: Unity 3D
Genre: Real Money BlackJack
Type: Free to Play with In App Purchases
Operating Systems
Mobile/Tablet – iOS and Android
PC – Linux, Windows and MacOS

Card Dealing and Hand Evaluation: The core mechanic of dealing cards, calculating hand values, and determining wins, losses, or ties.

Hit and Stand Options: Allows players to draw additional cards (hit) or keep their current hand (stand) based on their strategy.

Double Down: Permits players to double their initial bet and receive one more card, usually applicable on specific hand totals.

Split Hands: Allows players to split pairs into separate hands and make additional bets, potentially doubling their chances of winning.

Insurance: A side bet offered when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, providing a potential payout if the dealer has a blackjack.

Betting Controls: Enables players to place bets, adjust bet sizes, and manage their bankroll.

Clear Game Information: Clear display of player and dealer hands, current bet, and available balance for easy decision-making.

Game Outcome Announcements: Clearly communicates the outcome of each round, including wins, losses, or pushes (ties).

Settings and Customization: Options for adjusting game settings, such as sound, speed, and language, to suit player preferences.

Statistics and History: Tracks and displays player statistics, including win/loss records, win percentages, and historical betting patterns.

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