Trends in game development industry | 2021


The demand for games has significantly risen in 2020. The gaming industry was valued at around $159.3 billion last year. The rise is due to the pandemic, when people chose to stay at home and find games as a perfect way to relax and entertain themselves.

This is a winning time for the gaming industry. Many dedicated game developers are pushing the envelope through innovation and enhanced user experience. Studies revealed that the gaming industry would hit a revenue of $450 million by 2023. So, what are the new technologies that will drive the gaming industry in 2021?

Here are five new trends that you must know:

augmented reality


Gaming is one of the industries where AR is very commonly used. One of the best examples of AR is Pokemon Go. Data suggests that Pokemon Go has around 750 million downloads.

Today, companies are using this feature to deliver an enhanced user experience. For example, Google has launched Google Glass. Others like Playstation offer games where the player has a role in controlling the environment of the game. This technology is quite popular in fighting games, sports and gambling games. This trend is booming and will sustain itself in the long run.

virtual reality

The next comes in the list is “virtual reality,” which is in high demand among gamers. VR demand has grown since the outbreak of the pandemic. People like to experience new situations and realities they have never experienced before.

Therefore, the scope of experimentation and creativity is limitless with virtual reality technology. VR is not a new technology, but it hasn’t been experimented enough. We at Macrobian Games (A Unity 3D Game Development Agency in India) incorporate interesting features to enhance the user experience.

It’s an interesting time to see how developers will use this technology to create new gaming experiences.

diversity & inclusivity

Games are not just an excellent way to entertain, but also a great way to feature diversity. So, including the element of diversity and inclusivity is an excellent way to address social issues. For instance: racism, homophobia, sexism etc.

By allowing the players to choose the character’s color, body type, or nationality, you add an element of inclusion. It will give them a personalized experience in the games and attract different people in society.

cross platform support


The demand for cross platform support has boomed due to multiplayer games. Now, players want to enjoy their gaming experience on multiple consoles and devices. Game developers can pick up this new trend and create games that have cross platform support.

Some of the examples of cross platform support include Minecraft, Fortnite and Modern Warfare.

cloud technology

The Cloud Gaming market is rising at a fantastic rate. It’s a great time for developers to use cloud services and run resource-intensive apps without investing in hardware resources. Also, cloud computing will give developers more freedom to get creative and experiment.

With cloud technology, developers could create new virtual environments that will boost the gaming experience.


These are a few exciting gaming trends that developers can integrate into their games. It’s a good time for the gaming industry to use these technologies and trends. It provides a simpler, faster, and enhanced user experience.

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