VR Educational Game for
VR Development Company
The client SK Labs is a France based VR Development Company that specializes in creating immersive experiences for the education sector. They wanted to create a virtual reality game that would help students across the globe. It was a cross between a game and an educational program, and required an experienced Unity Developer to complete the game on time.

The client’s project was complicated, as they wanted to create a VR game that would be used in schools around the world. They also wanted the game to be fun and engaging, so that students would want to play it more than once. It needed to be completed in a short period of time and the client wanted a highly skilled and experienced Unity Developer to finish creating the game as per their instructions and recommendations.


SK Labs – A VR Development Company



Virtual Reality, Industry 4.0


VR Educational Game


Sep. 2021 – Ongoing


Less than $10,000

Approach to Solution

Macrobian Games did a deep analysis of the available code snippets, graphics and images of the game and created a detailed plan of action to complete the project on time. The Unity Developer worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and design a game that would be fun for students, easy for teachers to use in class and visually appealing for everyone.
The Macrobian team used Jira for project management and communicated with the client through Zoom, Google Meet and email. They also used instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp for quick communication. The developer enhanced the design, texture and effects among all and created a user-friendly interface for the game. After cross consultation and leadership guidance from Macrobian team, the unity developer also decided to introduce the mechanics of archery, along with the architecture, life style, and cultural depiction of the Middle Ages.
This made the game more engaging and immersive for users. Furthermore, the Unity developer worked with the designer to create a user-friendly menu system that allowed teachers to easily navigate between levels and students to progress through their quest.
The game was finally ready to be launched, and the Unity developer worked on the final version of the game to ensure that it was bug-free before handing over to the Client. The Client liked the game and received a lot of positive feedback and appreciations from their partners and peers.

Impact on Business

Though the game is not launched yet, as the client is still working with educational and cultural institutions to create the bigger library that it will be a part of, it certainly provided them with immense encouragement and considerable headway to move ahead with their project.
The Client was able to understand the kind of impact the game would have on their business and made some changes to their project based on this, which will surely expand their revenue streams as well.
The game has also made The Client express interest in working with the Unity developer again on multiple future projects for about $10,000 per program.

Why Macrobian Games
The client wanted to find a small-to-medium sized company that had experience developing games similar in scope and content to the one planned. They found Macrobian Games on Clutch, and were pleased with both their rates as well as willingness to help them improve upon what they had created so far—the perfect fit!
Macrobian Games is a game development company that has been working in the field for over 10 years. The company has built several games in Unity and is using it as one of their main tool to develop games. They also offer Unity development services to clients who need assistance with their projects.
The team has a remarkable grasp of the requirements and flexibly implements any changes to the product. They’re personable, communicative, and easy to collaborate with. They can be a great partner for any project.
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