Create your own World’s one of the fastest growing real money game – The Ludo Game.
Ludo Game is 6th most downloaded game worldwide in 2021, with average revenue of $2 million per month.

Technology: Unity 2D

Genre: Board Game with custom theme

Type: Free to Play (F2P) and Pay to Play (P2P)

Operating Systems
• Mobile – iOS and Android
• Laptop – Windows, MacOS (Coming Soon)
• Desktop – Windows and MacOS (Coming Soon)
• Tablet – iOS and Android

Why choose us for real money Ludo game development?

We have hands-on experience in designing and developing various 2D Ludo games. We can even assist you in developing a real money 3D Ludo game, opening untapped market and immense opportunities.

100% Customizable: You can customize every aspect of the game to suit your requirements. Our developers are highly skilled in Unity development and can help you develop a customized Ludo game with multiple features.

Unique Themes: We can create a unique theme for the game that will help you stand out in the market. We have a team of experienced Ludo game developers who can help you design an appealing, exciting and engaging 2D or 3D real money Ludo game.

Secure Payment Gateway: We will integrate a secure payment gateway that will enable users to make payments without any hassle. Our integrated payment gateway will be PCI-DSS compliant and uses SSL encryption technology, which makes it safe to use.

Lets discuss your requirement
Have a game idea? Bring it to us and we will bring it to life at a reasonable cost leaving you enough room to utilise spends for marketing & user acquisition.

    frequently asked questions

    Before discussing details about your idea, we sign a non disclosure agreement that abides Macrobian Games and its employees to maintain strict confidentiality of your information. 

    We can help you develop games for all platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or others. We can even help you port games quickly from one platform to another.

    Our team has expertise with Unity 3D Game development. Unity 3D is extremely flexible when it comes to 2D or 3D Game Development and is also one of the most widely used architectures.

    We understand how urgent some refreshing new ideas can be and we try our level best to kick off a project within 7 days of completion of the formalities.