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for Gaming Company
Macrobian Games was hired by a London based Gaming Company to complete a mobile game project that had been left unfinished by their previous developer. The goal was to develop and launch the game application in 6 months.

The client requested that Macrobian Games complete the project within 6 months, using their existing prototype. Unfortunately, the prototype had several bugs and required significant development work to bring it up to speed with current mobile technology standards and best practices.

The client also wanted to add new features and content to their existing prototype. This included multiple in-game features, entire game flow with additional levels and story lines of battle mode, as well as maps and functional tracking.


A London based Gaming Company





Mobile App Development


Aug. 2018 – Jan. 2019


Less than $10,000

Approach to Solution

Macrobian Games did a deep analysis of the existing prototype, determining which areas were relevant to complete the project. They worked closely with the client to develop a game plan for the project. Discussed in detail what features and functionality were required for each release of the game, as well as what would be possible given the time and budget constraints. This included creating an overview of all new features and content as well as prioritizing them based on their importance to the client’s business goals.
Macrobian Games implemented a phase wise approach and created a development schedule with milestones, dependencies, and tasks. This included implementing additional features and content from the client’s original design document including multiple in-game features, entire game flow with additional levels and story lines of battle mode, and more. The development schedule was updated throughout the project to ensure that the client was fully aware of any delays or changes in scope. Their team of game developers and designers began by breaking down each feature into its smallest possible unit of work, then quickly built and tested them using agile development methods. This allowed them to get feedback on each new feature as it was being developed instead of waiting until all features were complete before testing.
Macrobian Games team was in almost-daily contact with the client (CEO, PM,and POC) to ensure that they were always up-to-date on the progress of development. By the end of the project, the client had received a fully functional build that contained all of their requested features and more. Macrobian’ s team of developers completed the game and launched it on time.

Impact on Business

The game was a huge success, surpassing all expectations. It has been downloaded by over 100,000 people and had an average rating of 4/5 stars on the Google Play and App Store. The client was very happy with the final product and continues to use Macrobian Games as their go-to mobile development company.

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Why Macrobian Games
The Gaming Company received several proposals, but Macrobian Games’ submission was the best. Though they had never worked with Macrobian Games before, but they were impressed by the company’s portfolio of games and their ability to deliver high-quality products. They chose Macrobian Games over other companies because of their professionalism, attention to detail, cultural alignment, and overall understanding of what it takes to build a successful mobile game.
They turned our vision into reality at an affordable price plus their team always had suggestions/solutions for any challenges we faced. The project management was great, especially compared to other vendors we’ve used. They are very good.
Lets discuss your requirement
Have a game idea? Bring it to us and we will bring it to life at a reasonable cost leaving you enough room to utilise spends for marketing & user acquisition.

    frequently asked questions

    Before discussing details about your idea, we sign a non disclosure agreement that abides Macrobian Games and its employees to maintain strict confidentiality of your information. 

    We can help you develop games for all platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or others. We can even help you port games quickly from one platform to another.

    Our team has expertise with Unity 3D Game development. Unity 3D is extremely flexible when it comes to 2D or 3D Game Development and is also one of the most widely used architectures.

    We understand how urgent some refreshing new ideas can be and we try our level best to kick off a project within 7 days of completion of the formalities.