Benefits of Gamification In Learning and Education

What is Gamification in Learning and Education?

Do you know what Gamification is? Gamification is a word that has been widely used in the education and learning sector for the past many years.

What is Gamification?

Simple meaning of Gamification is creating or adding game elements in something.

In other words gamification can be also defined as a set of processes which can solve bugs or problems using it’s game elements.

For examples:

  • Complete the given tasks and get a reward 
  • Invite your friends and get free solutions
  • Get tricks, tips to finish the stage or level

What is Gamification in Education?

Gamification is widely used in the educational system for a lot more reasons. Gamification converts hard systems into funny stuff. It helps students for motivation and makes them more engaged with their subjects and courses.

Below are Top 5 Benefits for Gamification in Education:

Gamification in Learning and Education

1. Gamification Boosts the Engagement of Students in Classrooms.

Study says that using gamification in learning and development, the engagement of students is more than classroom study. As per study, we found that, level of student engagement and their productivity is higher than without gamification in learning. The study research found that gamification of learning in the education system increased productivity and level of thinking of learners.

2. Gamification Makes Learning More funny and interactive:

Gamification of learning and development in education can help to create exciting educational content in an entertaining way. Gamification does not mean to turn work into a game, but it does play on the mindset of students and that drives student engagement.

One of the main benefits of gamification is that it makes learning more informative, realistic  and exciting. With the help of gamification you can create competitive elements and add it like a creative angle which makes learning more fun and engaging.

3. Gamification Creates an Addiction Towards Learning:

Nowadays, the younger generation plays games all day and games become a regular activity of them. With the help of gamification you can make learning like a pro game and make it more funny and interactive. If you had to define the most important aim of learning, gamification  in learning must surely  add extra knowledge in your learners. 

Another benefit of gamification in education and learning is it gives more impact on the retention of knowledge as well as learners. Basic human nature is when we will or achieve something that is difficult for us, we feel good and it encourages us and we will make extra efforts to win more.

4. Gamification Gives Opportunity to Learners to see Real World Learning Experience:

The fourth major benefit of gamification is, gamification in learning can be a very effective way for learners or students by applying them to practical scenarios.

The gamification of learning in the education system allows learners and students to see the real time applications and its benefits. 

5. Offers real-time feedback

Gamification of learning in education allows students to learn with real-time, measurable, meaningful thoughts, and get upper-level feedback from other students and teachers.

Gamification helps to improve student’s lacking points because if you can’t find out what you need to improve or find out how to upskill, gamification helps you with the help of others in real time.

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